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Contemporary Crystal
When updating your home, it is important to take into consideration the style you are looking to capture. Whether that be a more traditional look with curved metal framing or a blingy crystal fixture, finding the right style usually gets the ball rolling. One style that is becoming popular is the contemporary crystal look. It is popular because it does not overdue it with the amount of crystal, but also brings a more modernized look to the home. Shown here is the Crystorama 'Perla' collection. The popular drum shade style added with the hand cut crystal is a perfect example of contemporary crystal. This type of fixture is great for foyers like shown here or over an eating area.
Read MoreCalander Image 12/2/2017
LED Fans
For most people, their number one complaint about their ceiling fan is the amount of light it gives off. Little known by most people, the government put a regulation of max wattage allowed for fan light kits. That limit is 180 watts of light, which relatively speaking, is why people are so unhappy with the light distribution on their fan. Luckily there is a solution to this. The way fan manufacturers are combating the regulation is by putting LED light kits on their fans. The benefit of this is not only do you get an energy efficient light, but one that is also brighter than 180 watts of light. Because LED runs at a low wattage, manufacturers are able to pump more light output into their fans. With LED light kits becoming the norm on fans, there are plenty of styles and colors to choose from that will work inside your house!
Read MoreCalander Image 12/2/2017
Hugger Fan
Finding a short fan to fit on a low ceiling is never the easiest thing to come across. However, this hugger fan does the trick. Putting out a decent amount of air for its size, this fan is convenient for those with low ceilings. Great for kitchens or dens, this fan brings a modern charm to any home.
Read MoreCalander Image 2/12/2016
Transitional Dining Room
The popular clear seedy glass allows great light distribution throughout a dining room setting. The oil rubbed bronze finish, brings a rustic charm while making the fixture itself, work for many country homes. If country isn't the way you would describe your house, don't worry, this piece is featured in many trendy modern homes as well.
Read MoreCalander Image 2/12/2016
Orb pendants
The orb is by far one of the most popular trends in lighting. It is unique to look at and coming in many sizes allows for putting them in locations throughout the house. Shown with crystal, this orb in particular doesn't necessarily need them. If you're not into crystal, pop them off and the orb becomes more transitional and fits many more styles in a home.
Read MoreCalander Image 2/12/2016
Wrought Iron
The dark metal on this fixture makes it feel like it is from older times. Don't be fooled though. Wrought iron is currently one of the more popular trends in the lighting industry. It brings a subtle look but put in a room with light color tones, the fixture will pop.
Read MoreCalander Image 2/12/2016
Transitional Kitchen
The Thorton series by Jeremiah is a transitional piece that works well in many scenarios throughout a home. This fixture specifically, used for over a table or a small foyer, boasts a unique rope texture and wrought iron finish. Perfect for a rustic home but will also work in a more modern setting.
Read MoreCalander Image 12/21/2015
Thorton Pendants
Jeremiah, a brand of Craftmade Lighting has a very popular rustic series known as the Thorton. With its rope texture and dark wrought iron finish, these pendants can work in many locations. Their transitional look works for more modern homes as well as traditional homes. Hung by chain, the length can be adjusted to the perfect height for any sink, island, or bar location.
Read MoreCalander Image 12/21/2015
ET2 Inca
The ET2 Inca series, named after the rich treasures found by the ancient Incas, is a contemporary piece that not only looks stunning light it, but unlit, the crystals themselves make the room glow. Perfect for a formal dining room.
Read MoreCalander Image 11/21/2015
Dale Tiffany Crystal
Although maybe not the best cut crystal on the market, Dale Tiffany offers affordable crystal fixtures that will still make any room sparkle. With multiple crystal families ranging from traditional to more modern, Dale Tiffany makes it easy to find the crystal style you are looking for.
Read MoreCalander Image 11/20/2015
The Medina Lighting Guarantee
Here at Medina Lighting we pride ourselves in not only product knowledge and style, but also friendliness and a positive attitude. We guarantee that when you leave our showroom, that you will be satisfied with your lighting decision or will have plenty of ideas to think about for your remodel or new home. We also guarantee that we will do our best to make sure you laugh and have an overwhelming-free visit. We are here to help you and would love to answer any questions or concerns you may have!
Read MoreCalander Image 11/9/2015
Great room fans
Just because the great room is usually known for putting a light fixture doesn't mean that a fan won't work either. With a clean look, Kichler's modern fan line works really well to tie a room together. Perfect for keeping the room cool in the summer and warm in the winter, fans make a great fixture for a room where you aren't sure what should go there.
Read MoreCalander Image 11/7/2015
Elegant Crystorama
Crystorama is known for their unique fixtures and top of the line crystals. This eight light drum comes in a bronze or silver and becomes the talking point of any room. With plenty of light distribution coming through the shade, this light works great in a dining room, office, or family area.
Read MoreCalander Image 11/6/2015
Make sure to let the trick-or-treaters know you are home with bright outdoor lights!
With solid quality outdoor lights, Feiss makes an abundance of options to make the outside of your home look great. With their clear glass options, plenty of light will illuminate any area that they are placed.
Read MoreCalander Image 10/27/2015
New Varaluz
A company known for their intricacy, Varaluz is always bringing something fresh to the lighting world. This three light chandelier is great for those looking for a more modern look but keeping it within a rustic feel. The look is that of tree branches wrapping around until they meet their apex and show off the white the globes.
Read MoreCalander Image 10/26/2015


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